More than 150 years of hospitaliy

Der Kirchenwirt in den 20er Jahren

The very beginning

In 1857 the Blacksmith in Gries was first mentioned. The owners, the Kahls family, began renting out rooms already  around the turn of the century.

In 1928 a dining hall for 120 people and 26 rooms were added. Warm and cold water in every room and a toilet on every floor was considered high standard in those days. A fact which was rewarded with an award from the regional government of Styria.

The inn boomed until the 1970s, but as the owners had no offspring the place had to be closed in 1974.

Kirchenwirt 2009
Kirchenwirt - Aigen im Ennstal

Reopening by the Fritz brothers

Two years later Josef and Anton Fritz bought the entire premises. It was partly modified and Anton Fritz together with his wife Gertrud continued to run the inn in its old traditional way.

In 1992 the place was renamed "Kirchenwirt" when next to it the church of St. Florian, for which the residents of Aigen had been waiting for a long time, was erected. Its modern architecure still makes it a point of interest after 20 years.

Higher standards of quality were achieved in the course of major restauration works of the dining hall and 10 rooms in 1999. The fact that the hosts not only concentrated on the well-being of their guests, but also tried to create an agreeabel working atmosphere for their staff with the possiblity to combine job and family, led to the awarding of the title "The most family- and women-friendly small enterprise of Styria" in the year 2007.

Kirchenwirt Aigen, Zimmer

The next generation

The year 2009 saw a change of generations. Roswitha and Michael Fritz took over the business, strongly supported by their respective families.

Already two years later, in 2011, they decided on a major reconstruction. A new restaurant and hall area, now housing 200 guests, a large terrace and a new wing with 21 comfort rooms and elevator, was added.

May 2012 saw the opening of a children's playground and the roofing over of the terrace to turn it in some kind of winter garden.


Bestowment of "The most family- and women-friendly enterprise-award


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